Trouble following through

I have recently started reading various sites and articles online about psychiatry.  I often think about the behaviors that I have and dislike and wonder what’s behind them.  One example would be my inability to follow through with things.  If I am prescribed antibiotics, there’s no reason to get the prescription filled because I know I’ll probably take about 5-7 and be done.  Out of the blue, I’ll decide to pick up a new hobby, and I am so excited about it for a short time and then I get bored with it.  I decided to collect head sculptures and put them on the shelf about our television. I was going to make some and found some neat ones online.  I started out pumped up and was sure I would complete the project.  That was about 2 years or so ago and I have 3.  I start cleaning the kitchen and before I know it, I’m looking through old photo albums.  I always thought I was lazy or that it was just a Gemini trait.  That was until I stumbled upon  I was reading through their library when I came across this article talking about adult ADHD.  I took the quiz on their site to see what it would say because I always thought I was a pretty good multi-tasker, but it turns out maybe I can’t pay attention.  I hardly ever go to or watch movies because hello, that’s 2 hours of sitting still.  I don’t think I have many of the symptoms of hyperactivity, but then again people tell me that I never stop talking and I am often restless.

Symptoms of ADHD


  • Misses details and makes careless mistakes
  • Is unable to organize tasks and activities
  • Has difficulty following through on instructions and completing assignments
  • Gets bored with a task after only several minutes
  • Doesn’t seem to listen when spoken to
  • Is easily distracted
  • Often loses toys, school supplies or anything necessary for a particular task
  • Is often forgetful
  • Avoids, dislikes or hesitates to participate in activities that require continuous mental effort (e.g., homework)


  • Fidgets or squirms in seat
  • Leaves his or her seat when it isn’t appropriate
  • Runs or climbs when it isn’t appropriate (in adults, this might be restlessness)
  • Frequently has difficulty playing or participating in activities quietly
  • Often acts like he or she is “on the go” or “driven by a motor”
  • Talks excessively


  • Blurts out answers before questions are completed
  • Has a tough time awaiting his or her turn
  • Interrupts others (e.g., disrupts a conversation or game)

Issues with Adult Diagnosis

The criteria for diagnosing children with ADHD are reliable. However, since they were originally created with children in mind, they may be inappropriate for diagnosing adults.

Many symptoms adults commonly experience, including procrastination, poor motivation and time management problems, are excluded from the criteria are excluded from the criteria (see Davidson, 2008). Also, it can be difficult to distinguish ADHD from other psychological disorders, including depression,bipolar disorder and generalized anxiety.


Since working on this is a goal of mine, I looked for tips on how to follow through  I found a website that lists 5 steps to follow through on everything on

  1.  Be honest about what you really want.  What is the true goal?
  2. Understand the sacrifices and don’t set yourself up for failure by having conflicting priorities.
  3. Set deadlines for yourself
  4. Incentivize yourself

So in September there is a weight loss challenge coming up that I am going to be in.  I hope to lose at least 10 pounds for the month of September.  One of my next posts is going to talk about that.  I think I can meet that goal for the month of September.  We shall see!



One thought on “Trouble following through”

  1. Good luck. I really enjoyed reading this post as I can relate to it. You are not alone in this. I am following more so I can read more of your journey.


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