What is the funniest thing you’ve ever dreamt about? How about the most frightening dream you’ve ever had?  I have been very interested in dreams for as long as I can remember.  I’ve always wondered why we dream and why we dream about certain things or people. I have tried keeping a dream journal off and on throughout my life.  I would write down what I dreamt after waking up.  If anyone read that they would probably suggest a nice trip to the psych ward.  I read about dreams on the website:  www.science.howstuffworks.com.    It says that scientists have several theories about why we dream.  One was that dream work with sleep to help the brain sort through the days thoughts and activities.  The website also talks about how dreams reflect our emotions. Then there are theories that dreams don’t serve any function at all.  I’m not really sure which theory I agree with, but I really do believe that we dream for a reason. Also, in this article it said that some think that we aren’t required to focus while sleeping so our brain makes very loose connections to many thoughts.  On this website is a link to a dream dictionary, a sleep quiz, and tips for sleeping better.

My Mom seems to always have bizarre dreams.  One night she dreamt that she was riding a bike and towing a bathtub filled with beer.  There were ducks swimming in the beer as she towed them down the road.  Another night, she dreamt that she was really hungry and ate all of her goldfish in the fountain she had outside.  She said when she woke up, she felt really full and had to go outside to see if she had actually ate them or not.  When I was a teenager still living at home I was dreaming that I had learned to swim.  I remember the dream very vividly.  The water was turquoise blue and shimmering like diamonds. I was about ready to dive in when my Mom woke me up.  As it turns out, I was standing on the arm of the couch about to dive alright, right into the living room floor. Another dream that I remember was a few years ago.  I was on another diet trying to lose weight and I had been craving potato chips all day.  That night I dreamt about Erik Estrada.  He was wearing a speedo and standing by the ocean and he was laughing at me.  I asked him why and he keep repeating, “you can’t have any of the chips”.  I believe there has to be a connection to the brain for a dream like that to take place.  I wonder about recurring dreams too.  I have a recurring nightmare about sugar.  I am lost in a jungle and a tribe captures me.  They tie me to a concrete slab and pour tons of sugar on me from a giant machine with a huge bucket.  I can’t move, I can’t breathe, and I can’t scream. It doesn’t sound scary, but it’s terrifying at the time.  I am a self diagnosed sugar addict so I wonder if this is a way for my body to say that sugar is killing me.  I don’t know.  I also have a recurring dream about eating dimes.  They are roasted until they are black and crunchy.  Even typing that makes me physically nauseous.  So I guess I’ll continue reading about dreams.  There is definitely a lot of research on dreams. I would really enjoy hearing about some of your bizarre dreams.




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