With Halloween coming right up, and the season premier of American Horror Story (love that show, but it scares me lol), it got me thinking.  Both my son and my daughter absolutely love Halloween.  It’s their favorite holiday.

If you think about it though, it’s not only on Halloween that creepy things happen.  I was reading today about urban legends and conspiracy theories.  There is some very strange things on the internet.  A lot of people think that Katy Perry is actually JonBenet Ramsey.  People also say that Paul McCartney died and was replaced with a look alike and that the subliminal messages in the lyrics of many Beatles song confirm that.   I also read that Tupac lives in Cuba and Elvis is alive.  My daughter and I have also watched Shane Dawson talk about many of these on his you tube channel.  It’s all very interesting.

When I was younger, growing up in Missoula, Montana, there were some things that I would call scary.  When I was about 10, we lived on Cleveland street.  When I think back to those days, I remember some strange people lived on that street.  There were the hippies next door who’s daughter was a friend of mine.  There was a family from Germany at the end of the street.  There was a family from Holland who ate turtle soup which I found weird and gross.  Many of them were odd, but one of them scared me so bad that I would run as fast as I could past her house.  I would hold my breath and hope that she wouldn’t get me.  Mrs. Silvers was probably a very nice elderly woman, but you couldn’t convince me of that as a child.  Her house smelled of moth balls and wood smoke.  She had huge pine trees in the front of her house.  The fact that she had a black cat only convinced me more that she was in fact a witch.  Looking back, it would have been interesting to learn about her life if I wasn’t so terrified of her.

I was blessed? with a very wild imagination.  I say that not only because of Mrs. Silvers.  As a child, I had convinced myself that there was a wolf that lived inside every toilet that I ever used.  I called him “Toilet Wolf”.  I would wait as long as I possibly could to use the bathroom because I just knew that one day toilet wolf was going to bite me either in the butt or in my who ha.  I bet anyone who just read that either thought wow, she really is f**king crazy or may be laughing hysterically.  I get it.  It sounds nuts.  I often think about submitting the idea to Adult Swim to make it a cartoon.  Who knows maybe someday I will.

My cousins used to enjoy telling creepy stories when we had sleepovers.  I really didn’t like it.  It scared me.  There was the one about the guy who had his legs cut off and walked on his fingernails making a chit chit sound.  The story goes on to say that the chit chit man as I call him, would find campers in the forest and kill them.  Then there was the one about the lady who was blind and lived alone with her German Shepard.  Every night she would put her hand down so the dog could lick her to let her know he was there to protect her.  One night she put her hand down and got her and licked, but it was a crazy maniac killer….blah blah blah.  I say that now but back in the day, that caused me many sleepless nights and a fear to never, ever check under my bed at night.

I was reading about haunted places in Montana. Growing up in Missoula, I always heard stories about an underground town with opium dens, saloons, and brothels.  I did read recently that some college students went underneath some of the downtown businesses and did find a tunnel system.  It was really interesting to read and I wish I could find out more about that.  It always intrigued me.  They say the old prison in Deer Lodge is haunted.  The Garnet ghost town is also haunted.  There are a lot of haunted or strange places in each state.  Check out the links below.

Here in Colorado, is the Stanley hotel.  Most people know about it from the movie The Shining.  Another popular place to be scared is Riverdale Road.  Lots of weird things go on there.  Also, Buffalo Bill’s gravesite is said to be alive with spirits.  I read about Cheeseman Park, the Denver airport, and many more.

Well, now I’ve creeped myself out enough for the day.  So I’ll put links on here so you can check out a few of these on your own.  I need to find something else more productive to do than scare myself.  I don’t know about you, but tonight when I’m trying to sleep, I’m sure my brain will be like, hey remember all those creepy things you read about earlier? let’s think about those.















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