My personal 101 things to do besides eat

So yesterday, I had my first appointment to see the dietitian to make sure that I’m getting enough protein and doing everything the way I should be after surgery.  I’m doing great. While I was in the waiting room, I was reading some handouts and one of them was titled, “101 Thing to Do Besides Eat”.  I was reading it and thought, I should make my own version of it.  So here it is:

  1. Take Dobby for a walk
  2. Create a visionary board of my fitness/health goals
  3. Pray
  4. Play with Bob Quillan
  5. Watch The Flintstones, (I won’t want a brontosaurus burger since I’m eating a vegetarian diet)
  6. Find new coupons and check the weekly ad match-ups
  7. Send someone a random thank you note
  8. Zumba
  9. Make a list of things that I am proud of (the kids, staying away from Voodoo donuts, etc.)
  10. Look online for new jokes, then share them with others.
  11. Find new healthy recipes
  12. Write poetry
  13. Art therapy, and ignore Brandon and Kaelin when they say all of my pictures have a hidden penis in them.
  14. Yoga
  15. Watch hoarders, then clean the house
  16. do Just Dance on the Wii U, ignore the downstairs neighbor pounding on the wall, who gave his brat kid a drum set for Christmas
  17. Listen to Pink Floyd
  18. Look at old photos
  19. D.I.Y. projects
  20. Make a goals list
  21. Study things to do in Oregon and Washington
  22. Clean and organize my closet, I’ll be able to wear those clothes very soon, neon spandex is still in style right?
  23. Snapchat
  24. Make up tutorials from Kaelin or YouTube, I still have some blue eye shadow from the 80’s it should be good
  26. Write my feelings in my “get better book”
  27. Color
  28. Write a story about Toilet Wolf
  29. Give a massage
  30. Organize my stock pile
  31. Photo session with Dobby, Rosie, and Bob
  32. Clean the car and Jeep
  33. Notice my inner conversations
  34. Practice breathing techniques
  35. Listen to George Michael
  36. Drink some tea, Kaelin only has about 50 types for me to choose from
  37. Quiz myself on the state capitals
  38. Smudge the house
  39. Get caught up on school
  40. Run up and down the steps
  41. Pack things to get ready for our move
  42. Blog
  43. Learn more about photography
  44. Defeat the terror monster
  45. Practice letting go of the past
  46. Think about all of the things that I ate in the past that were bad for me and be thankful that I don’t do that anymore.  I actually put mayo on pepperoni pizza and ate it.  Yuck!
  47. Call my Mom
  48. Make healthy snacks a.k.a. hide kale in food so Craig can’t see it
  49. Spotify (I have some pretty awesome playlists on there)
  50. Read a book
  51. Make a top ten list of reasons to get healthy
  52. Get a massage
  53. Fitbit app
  54. Volunteer to help someone
  55. Read about being a part of OAC (Obesity Action Coalition)
  56. Sit ups
  57. Watch a movie
  58. Brush my teeth and use the water pik
  59. Get a facial
  60. Buy some fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs
  61. Mini golf
  62. Build something
  63. Count my blessings
  64. Meditate
  65. Play cards, I kick ass at Go Fish
  66. Learn about the stock market
  67. Try a new relaxation technique
  68. Stretch, maybe I’ll get taller
  69. Picture a stop sign in my head
  70. Do something for someone anonymously
  71. Vacuum
  72. Play Scrabble
  73. Clean the fridge
  74. Play Trivia games on my phone
  75. Look into publishing my poems and stories
  76. Make a visionary board for my future
  77. Take Dobby and Rosie to the dog park
  78. Take a nap, sleep is very good for you
  79. Re-arrange our bedroom
  80. Go somewhere to people watch (not like a stalker though)
  81. Go to the zoo, but never again on free day
  82. Go to the Denver art museum
  83. Go to the U.S. Mint, I wonder what kind of mints they have there
  84. Clean the carpets
  85. Wash the windows
  86. Explore new hairstyles
  87. Get a manicure (it’s not football season for us Broncos fans, so I have nails)
  88. Learn more about aromatherapy
  89. Pray for people
  90. Lift weights while working at my desk all day
  91. Continue learning Spanish
  92. Look for places to hike
  93. Go for a drive in the mountains, love it there!
  94. Study alternative health news and discuss with Kaelin
  95. Plan a date night
  96. Clean the spice cupboard, you can never have too much garlic
  97. SING
  98. Study motocross and discuss with Brandon
  99. Look for festivals, especially those with a hippie theme
  100. Feel my feelings
  101. Practice food prep./storage for tiny meals.

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