In August of 2013, my family and I pulled up in front of the apartment that we rented off Craigslist.  We had been living in North Carolina and moved back to Denver.  When we pulled up, I noticed a happy little black and white dog running around in the grass and a man who I assumed was her owner reading his cell phone.  As we got out of the car, the dog ran over to us and we gave her a quick pet and said hi to the man who at that time was a stranger but would eventually become one of my best friends and the closest thing I ever had to a brother.  We didn’t become friends instantly, anytime I saw the dog, Rosie, I would go out of my way to pet her.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I love animals, especially dogs.  One day the man, Greg and Rosie were in the elevator as I got in.  I noticed he had a t-shirt on with one of my favorite bands, Big Head Todd and the Monsters, on it.  I said, “is that a Big Head Todd shirt?” He looked surprised and said “Yes, I love them.  Do you like them?”  So we started talking about music and found out we had a lot of common music interests.  He seemed nice so I invited him to come hang out with my husband, daughter, and myself.  One afternoon there was a knock on the door and I opened it and there was Greg and Rosie.  They hung out with us and we all got to know each other.  We learned that he grew up in Aurora and we told him about growing up in Montana and Alaska.  Our friendship started to grow.

Eventually he told us that anytime we wanted to hang out to come over and that anytime we wanted to play with Rosie we could go get her.  He didn’t have to tell me that twice…lol.  At that time, we didn’t have a dog.  We would go get Rosie often, we would take her to the dog park, to dairy queen, to Petco to get her favorite carob cookies, or just hang out with her at our house down the hall from Greg’s.  My daughter would bake her special treats and send them home with her.  She always knew when he would get home, so she enjoyed hanging out with us, but the second he was home, she was ready to go back.

Greg liked to have fun.  He would always invite us to go float the river, hang out with him at a cabin in Bailey, watch the Broncos win, or whatever.  He was always happy and I don’t think I can remember very many times that I saw him that he wasn’t smiling.  If anyone of us had a problem, we could talk to Greg without judgement.  He was a great listener.  One night, my husband was on call and had to go in to work, we had a gaming console on Craigslist and a man wanted to come look at it.  Since it was just my daughter and I home, I sent Greg a text and explained what was going on.  I asked him if I was feeling uncomfortable could I ask him to come over.  He just came over right away and he and Rosie waited with us.

I have so many memories of Greg and Rosie. (that’s actually how they are saved in my phone contacts lol)  Greg always made us laugh.  They would come over almost every weekend and became such a big part of our lives.  We considered them family.  Here are some of my favorite memories of Greg:

The night we were playing cards against humanity and he “made it rain” with the cards.

My daughter bought a quite unusual painting at a yard sale.  Greg really didn’t like it, he said it was creepy.  She would place it all around our apartment complex to bug Greg.  She even hung it outside his apartment.  He was a good sport, but he eventually hid in the corner behind the elevator thinking she wouldn’t find it.  She did lol and it still hangs in our house today but now with special meaning.

My Mom painted a styrofoam witch head for Halloween, it sits in our art corner by the couch were Greg always sat when he came over.  He would turn it around so it wasn’t looking at him.

He always, always wanted us to watch The Cabin in The Woods

One day, some mormon boys brought cookies over to our house and asked us to listen to them talk about their religion.  When they left, Greg said he saw them delivering cookies and thought that maybe they were part of my daughters fan club lol.  She told him she was offended that he thought there would only be two guys.

Greg loved animals.  Our little dog, Dobby was no exception.  He loved Dobby.  Dobby has a strange habit of licking people’s ears.  We all laugh about it and tell him to knock it off.  Not Greg, Greg would let him and in fact would say, “go ahead Dobby, get ya some ear wax” lol

One night he was talking about this crazy lady who always seemed to be at the mailboxes when he and Rosie were there.  He said she just loved Rosie.  I said are you talking about me, and he laughed and said yes.

One of my favorite memories, was the night that Greg, my husband, Craig and I went to dinner at Outback Steakhouse.  Greg had a few drinks before we went out and then at dinner too.  He was acting pretty silly like we all do after a few drinks.  He asked the waiter for a box to take his leftovers home to Rosie.  They way he said it though was, “can I please have you wrap up this steak so I can take it home to my lady.  She will be so happy with this gift that I bring home to her”  my husband said, “are you talking about your dog?” and Greg said, “Craig, be quiet”  I laughed hysterically and the waiter just rolled his eyes at us and left.  By the time we left, after a few more drinks, we were all laughing pretty hard because Greg was telling us about growing up in Aurora or A town as he called it.  He said he would go outside to play with his friends in the morning and not come back until night.  They would play all day.  The funny part was that he said that they would often have to hunt for their lunch in the fields of A town.  I knew it was the drinks talking and that he probably didn’t really hunt for his lunch.  I asked him what did you hunt?  He said they hunted for “naked bunny nests”.  I will never forget that.  It was the silliest thing and I still to this day wonder what a naked bunny nest is.

There are so many fun memories of Greg and Rosie that I could just write for hours.  They made us laugh and recently made us cry.  They were here last Saturday night.  Greg was sitting in his usual spot on the couch and Rosie was getting pet and spoiled with treats while Dobby followed her all around our apartment like her little shadow.  If I would have know that was the last time I would see him, I would have hugged him.  I would have thanked him for being my friend and being like a brother to me.  I would have done so many things different. It’s not often that you find people like Greg anymore.  He was so kind, funny, giving, and just a good guy.  He stopped by Tuesday to get the Westword.  I was working so I asked my daughter to give it to him.  The last text I sent him was Tuesday at 9:15 pm.  Several sirens were going off in front of our complex, not that uncommon.  I sent a text saying, “are you guys ok?”  I expected him to say “yep, what’s going on?”  When he didn’t text back, I asked my husband to go check on him, but by then he was already gone.

Our lives will never be the same.  It’s hard to walk out our door and not see him and Rosie coming down the hall.  He won’t be sitting in his spot on our couch. Losing Greg has been very difficult for my family and I and I can’t even imagine how hard it is on his family and Rosie.

We miss you Greg and we will always have you in our hearts and our memories.  Rest in peace.  We love you.


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